Poison Control

Sometimes our beloved four legged friends find themselves faced with the choice of "Do I eat the bag of fertilizer? Or do I leave it be?" And occasionally they do not make the wise choice. If your pet has consumed a questionable product the staff of the Pepperell Veterinary Hospital will be able to help guide you on the best coarse of action. However, there are times when our veterinarians may direct you to call poison control to find out more information about the particular item your pet has ingested.  Or perhaps your pet decides to do this after hours, you can start with a call to poison control to help determine if a trip to a 24 hour emergency hospital is needed.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Hotline: 1-888-426-4435

When you call:

1) Please have your credit card available, they do charge a consultation fee.

2) Have the packaging for the item consumed. If this is not available make sure you know the name of the item and the brand or company that makes it.

If you have a HomeAgain membership for the pet in question, that membership does include access to the ASPCA's poison control at no additional fee. You will need to call 1-888-HomeAgain to utilize this benefit in an emergency. 

Some pet insurance companies may also provide a service or may cover the poison control consultation fee. Please look into this in advance, because you do not want to be looking this up during a medical emergency.

 Common Toxic Plants for Dogs and Cats

Here are lists compiled by the ASPCA of toxic plants for dogs and cats. If you suspect your pet may have consumed one of the items, please contact our office or poison control for guidance. 

Common Toxic Plants for Cats

Common Toxic Plants for Dogs