Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a bacterium that lives in the gut of infected ticks and can be spread through the tick's bite to other animals including dogs, cats, horses, and humans.  If infected with Lyme disease it can cause serious illness. Some common signs of Lyme disease are:

1. Painful or swollen joints

2. Limping

3. Fever, lethargy or lack of appetite

4. Acting painful all over or reluctance to move

5. General malaise

Unfortunately many pets and people can also have Lyme disease without any symptoms for quite a while after infection. This is why here at Pepperell Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians recommend testing your dog at least once a year, even if he or she is not showing any symptoms. If left untreated symptoms will develop, and while the most common symptoms are uncomfortable, they can also develop more severe problems such as kidney disease, nervous system disorders, and even heart disease.

Our veterinarians strongly recommend that dogs in our area and who are at risk for Lyme disease receive Lyme vaccinations yearly and topical/oral flea and tick preventatives year round. For more information on these preventative measures please contact our office and we would be happy to help you assess your dog's risk and help you choose which preventative is right for your pet.

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